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Mr.Tofik (Mohammed Saif) Thabet
Became the Chairman of the group in 1997 after the demise of his late father.

He studied business management at the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

Mr. Tofik joined the family business in 1986 and worked in most of the group activities and served as a Manger, Board Member or Chairman in several subsidiary entities.

Previous Responsibilities:

  • Chairman of Procter and Gamble (Yemen) Ltd. (1997-2002),
  • Board Member of Procter and Gamble (Yemen) Ltd. (1994-1997),
  • Board Member of Yemen Bank for reconstruction and Development (1997-2014).
  • Board Member of Sana'a Beverages Industries Ltd (Coca Cola).

Current Responsibilities:

  • Chairman of MSTG,
  • Chairman of Diamond Trading Ltd.,
  • Chairman of Diamond Investments Co. Ltd.,
  • Chairman of Grand Motors, Ltd.,
  • M.D of United Cleaning Products Manufacturing, Ltd.,
  • M.D. of Trust Gulf general Trading LLC,
  • M.D. of Tasweeq General Trading and Logistics Services, ltd (Muscat, Oman),
  • Board Member of TATCO,

Mr. Tofik Is Also Active In Business And Within The Community Where He Holds Several Professional & Honorary Positions:

  • Member of Board of The General Investment Authority - Yemen (2010-2015).
  • The Chairman of The Yemeni-Turkish Business Council.
  • Board Member of the Yemeni Council of Businessmen.
  • Member of the Board of The Yemeni-Emirati Business Council.
  • TAdvisor to the Board of the Chamber of Commerce of the Capital (Sana'a).
  • The Chairman of Amal Charitable Society (2000-2010).
  • Member of the Advisory Council of the Hemmat Shabab Charity Foundation.
  • Founder and Board Member of the Human Resources Development Organization (Tharwatona).

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