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The Founder

Late Mr.Mohammed Saif Thabet

FounderMr.Mohammed Saif Thabet (1938-1996) was born in Taiz. Yemen. He received his basic and baccalaureate education in Aden then moved to work in Saudi Arabia with the Saudi National Commercial Bank (NCB) and then became the manager of the bank's operations in Yemen in 1959.

The Yemeni revolution took place in 1962 and the country opened up for business. Mr. Thabet started his private business immediately after the revolution. In fact, he held commercial license number 2 in the country until 1990 when the registration system changed.

Mr.Thabet was known for being an intellectual, cultured, and charming individual. He was also a very passionate reader. Such personal qualities helped him to build outstanding networking and excellent relationships in Yemen and abroad.

He started the first Cinemas in the new Yemen Arab Republic. Following this, he moved on to contracting, general agencies, travel, money exchange, distribution and manufacturing of FMCG, and retail of luxury items and electronics.

Mr.Thabet was a natural born businessman and an inherent leader, who made a significant impact in the community. In addition to his active role within the business community and its organizations, he never neglected social and welfare activities. He was continuously involved and made considerable contributions with many charitable societies working throughout Yemen.

Mr.Thabet also served as the honorary consul of Japan and was the first Yemeni private citizen to receive an Investiture from the Emperor of Japan.